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The MAKK — Magyar Környezetgazdaságtani Központ research institute conducts applied research and consults in the field of environmental economics with the appropriate background of practical and theoretical economic knowledge. Our aim is to foster rational discussions about environmental problems where communities (territorial, civil, business) can stand for their interest in managing nature for the common goal of increasing public wealth in co-operation with nature.

MAKK works to create and disseminate knowledge that supports different social and business stakeholder groups, public officials in recognising and incorporating the value of natural resources — assets and environmental services into their decision making process. To this end MAKK pursues the following activities:

* Actively takes part in processing environmental and economic data, preparing impact assessments and analyses;
* Creates policy proposals and elaborates strategies to support decision makers both in the public and private sector;
* Creates fora for the discussion of international and domestic environmental topics from an environmental economics perspective;
* Supports communication between actors of public administration, the private sector, non-governmental organisations, the media and the academic world.

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